We strive to achieve 5 core values:


She is safe to touch and will not bump into you or her surroundings.


She helps you with your aid services but will never take over your job.


She navigates and operates in any indoor environment all by herself.


She is easy to communicate with and acts as an intelligent companion.


She can fly inside to be the perfect aid workers assistant.

The Drone

Drones have the power to extend our senses and actions. The real potential of drones is still subject to experimentation and exploration. We believe technology is here to serve and help people improve their quality of life. At Blue Jay Eindhoven, we are at the forefront by developing a drone that functions indoors and interactive to serve as an assistant for aid workers.

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The team

We operate since September 2015, and our team currently consists of 16 top students from different faculties across the Eindhoven University of Technology. Our multidisciplinary team wants to show the potential of drones in indoor environments, where they can really make a difference.

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