The first domestic drone

“Team Blue Jay is developing a drone that understands you and helps you with daily tasks. It's safe and operates completely autonomously."


Your home buddy


Like a smart pet


Don't worry, it can't hurt you


An extra helping hand in your home

18 bright minds, 1 smart drone

We are Team Blue Jay. We believe technology is here to serve us. To help us. To make our lives better. Blue Jay operates since September 2015 as a team of 18 top students from different faculties across the Eindhoven University of Technology. Our multi-disciplinary team is highly motivated to show the potential of drones in home environments, in which they can really make a difference. We are certain that our combined expertise will lead us to an entirely new application of drones. Working in collaboration with the scientific staff at the TU/e, together we will push technological development boundaries. Eindhoven is a region known for its high knowledge density and strong innovative power meaning all resources are within reach. Team Blue Jay will connect the dots of the qualities in Eindhoven to create a smart drone that will amaze the world.

Unlimited potential

Drones have the power to extend our senses and actions. Their possibilities are only limited by our imagination. The real potential of drones is as yet subject to experimentation and exploration. We believe this potential should be defined by helpfulness, modesty, and innocence. We also believe technology should only be available on demand and not being intrusive to its users. To develop proper and comfortable technical innovations, we should also be aware of ethical responsibilities and create a drone that acts discretely in the presence of its users.


Rob van Gijzel

Mayor of the city of Eindhoven, Chairman of Brainport Foundation: "Blue Jay is an excellent example of Eindhoven’s innovatiove force: 18 bright minds working together on the newest groundbreaking technologies with great potential for society."

Jan Mengelers

President Eindhoven University of Technology: “Blue Jay’s 18 TU/e-top students are using technology to make a real difference in society. They are great at bundling the innovative power of faculties across the university to make products that have never existed.”

Prof.Dr.Ir. Maarten Steinbuch

Scientific director TU/e High Tech Systems Center: “Blue Jay’s general-purpose drone platform enables brilliant idea’s to make a real impact on society, in home, elderly care, services etc!”

Eric van Dorst

CTO VanBerlo Design: "Flying drones have several advantages for domestic environments over non-flying robots that are used indoors nowadays. Blue Jay Eindhoven has a clear vision on the future of drones. "

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