Loki: Our first test drone

To find out how big our challenge this year will be, we built a test drone, called Loki. During the building process, we learned there are a lot of wires, tie wraps and duct tape involved when building a drone. When the drone finally was put together, the first moment of truth was here: connecting the batteries. Everything worked! Next: configuration of the software… Unfortunately, this was not as simple as we thought. With lots of help we managed to get it working: it can fly! Now, we feel we are ready to build Blue Jay.


Why “Loki”?

Loki is a character from Norse mythology. He is not part of the family of ‘Aesir’ (like Odin, Thor, Freya…); he is born of frost-giants (‘Jotun’) and adopted by Odin. Odin raised him like he was his own son, so Loki grew up as Thor’s brother. Due to Loki’s heritage, it was always in his nature to pull pranks on people and generally cause small or large devastation everywhere he would go.

Long story short, Loki is an unpredictable person, just like our first drone. He can also be referred to by a name which means something along the lines of ‘god of the wind’, so that’s also suitable for a flying object.