28 May 2018

PCB Design 2.0

Earlier on, we wrote about the design of our own PCB. It has now been printed and is ready to be integrated and tested on the drone! You can see the result in the picture below.

28 May 2018

Four new drones

We’re expanding our drone family by four new drones! This is keeping us very busy, since we have to order lots of extra components and then assemble everyting together step by step and integrate the electronic components onto the frame. Are you curious how the assembly process looks like? We made a little time lapse below, where you can admire how a new Blue Jay is created from scratch.

4 May 2018

PCB Design

Currently, our drone is covered with wires connecting all the different components. However, this will soon be over, since we are now designing our very own PCB, on which multiple components will be integrated together. This will not only save a lot of space, but also prevent wire ruptures. The picture below shows the design of the board. With the help of Bestronics, we will get it printed in the next weeks and we hope
Zoals een andere studenten start-up in een eerder schreef: “Op de Technische Universiteit Eindhoven hebben ze studententeams. Dit zijn groepen studenten die een groot doel hebben, …” Zo is Blue Jay Eindhoven ook één van de studententeams. Wij ontwikkelen als start-up een product dat uniek, creatief én innovatief is, namelijk: indoor, autonome en intelligente drones voor in de gezondheidszorg. Het multidisciplinaire team (lees negen verschillende studieachtergronden) bestaat uit negentien studenten afkomstig van over de hele