Blue Jay on Edge!

From smart home devices to your social media feed, artificial intelligence is impacting our lives constantly. With Sophia becoming the first AI robot to receive an international visa, it is about time for everyone to have an AI assistant! Student team Blue Jay Eindhoven, with a vision to make your future drone assistant, is attempting to incorporate intelligence in its autonomous drones.

The team’s drone, which is named Blue Jay, has been built to look more friendly than the drones you might know from television or the internet. BlueJay already exhibits some human qualities like her eyes that respond to various situations, her autonomous (self-piloted) flight and her brand new ability of speech! As an example, last year she was able to assist lifeguards in swimming pools by being able to detect people drowning, followed by notifying the lifeguards and bringing a life jacket or first aid kit to the location.

For the upcoming months, together with SAS Institute, Blue Jay’s AI subteam is carrying out a Search and Rescue project. Using Deep Learning API and Event Stream Processing for Edge Computing software from SAS, Blue Jay will be able to accomplish a Search and Rescue mission with  AI on edge. ‘On edge’ allows all the streaming data to be processed instantly for immediate response while also replacing the limitations of cloud based AI. Consequently, real-time detections will not display any delay leading to quicker actions from Blue Jay and the availability of internet connectivity will not limit her capability to react to any situation.

It is an exciting opportunity for Blue Jay Eindhoven to explore Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) with SAS Institute. We invite you to follow us during the journey by keeping up with the upcoming blogs!