The Blue Jay drone will be like a pet, knowing its way around your home, silent when not needed and helpful if needed. It will be voice-activated and respond to your demands to help with domestic tasks.



The Blue Jay drone can help you by finding objects, picking them up and bringing them to you. Finding your lost keys will be a matter of time. It can guard your home and look for things when you are not at home.



The Blue Jay drone is developed for domestic assistance. All moving parts are safely covered by a strong body. So, don’t worry. It will not harm you and your family in any way – not even bumping into you by accident.


The Blue Jay drone will react to the different needs of families. From playing with kids to quickly and efficiently helping with everyday tasks or watching over elderly. Thanks to its character its not intrusive, but communicative.


The technical side of the story

In order to perform these taske our project is divided into the following subparts:

Object avoidance system 
The drone detects objects using multiple ultra-wideband sensors, one for every direction. This will give the drone the opportunity to fly around these objects and make it safe to its destination.

Object detection and recognition
Several algorithms running on the drones CPU are processing the images coming from the front camera. This will make sure the drone recognises objects it was asked to find.

Localisation and indoor navigation
The drone will use several sensors (optical flow sensors, lidar and indoor positioning systems) to estimate its location in the room.

Gripper system
A versatile gripper system will be used to ensure it can pick up both fragile and large robust objects.

Most of these subparts use sensor fusion algorithms. Input can come from a range of e.g. laser, sonar, lidar, camera, accelerometer, gyroscope or a magnetometer sensor. Every peripheral sensor communicates according to a standardized protocol with our Blue Jay Operating system (BJOS). This way a modular framework is ensured, the basis for a platform that can be adjusted to many different applications.