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Working for Blue Jay is different from any other job. It’s an opportunity to create the first interactive, autonomously flying drone assistant with a group of enthusiastic and smart students. We offer a variety of opportunities to develop yourself, ranging from learning by experience to world-class training programs. Being part of this student team will benefit you for your own development, connect you to the business world, and all of that in an environment that is truly welcoming.

Are you interested?

Have we sparked your interest in Blue Jay, but are you wondering what you can contribute to? Contact us to get to know the endless possibilities within the team. Due to Covid-19, we recommend that you send an email to Then, we can answer all questions you have or plan a meeting with you. In case you want to apply immediately, please fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

What can you do at Blue Jay?

Our team consists of four subteams. With these subteams we have opportunities for students from every study program!

This offers you the chance to work in a multidisciplinary, but also international team in a unique, start-up-like environment.

At Blue Jay you can work as a part-timer (16h) as well as a full-timer (40h). So it is your choice whether you want to combine it with your study or whether you want to fully dive into the project! Look at what the sub-teams have to offer by following the links. 


Software & Artificial Intelligence

Interaction Design



How do you become our next engineer?

First, check which vacancies are still open. If you see a vacancy which you find interesting and is still open, please fill in the sign up form.

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