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What are you doing next year?

From now on, Team Blue Jay is looking for new members for the period September 2018 until September 2019. The areas of interest for Blue Jay are software, hardware, design and management.

Are you getting as enthusiastic as we are about drones? Or are you not sure whether joining Blue Jay would be a good decision for your student career? We are available for all your questions. You can drop by at our office anytime! Coffee is ready.

Interested? Please send an e-mail to Apply before the 28th of June 2018!

What can you do at Blue Jay?


New PCB’s will integrate much of the beating heart of Blue Jay into one print. This will make the drone lighter and smaller.

3D Mapping & Indoor Localisation

3D Mapping of its environment will improve the drones ability to manoeuvre through unexplored territory. Safe indoor localisation is one of the main challenges of our drone.


Artificial Intelligence

Unlike apps and websites that are limited to the virtual domain, drones can use their intelligence in our physical world. It can interact with you, and understand your necessities. Imagine the possibilities!


Aerodynamics & Control

Sophisticated control algorithms can make drones fly with millimetre accuracy. This is the most complex playground you will find for control. Considering the aerodynamics, more magic can be added to reduce noise and increase thrust.

(Interaction) Design

When designing within a brand new category of technology, all options are still open. It is a field where you can do pioneering work that sets an example.


The management of a team consists of team management, project management, HR, financials and management for the technical team. In collaboration, an overview is kept of all processes.

Strategy & Publicity

The story of Blue Jay has to be told to the outside world. How will this be done in a strategic way? What is roadmap that Blue Jay will follow?



Running an innovative project is something that we do not do alone. Financial and in-kind support from companies is very important.



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