Where the interaction design team, software&AI team and hardware sub-teams tackle the technical challenges, the management team focuses on keeping the team working together in an efficient and comfortable way. Management is the core of the team. Every day we are working to get the team in the right direction. We want to create your future drone assistant, but to accomplish this, there is a lot to organize.

Event management

We plan a lot of different events to show the world our drone. Maybe you already visited one of our demonstrations? Two very important yearly events are our midterm and final demonstrations where we show the public our progress. As an event manager, you arrange a time and place, make sure all partners and friends and family are invited, prepare the team, invite the press, and so much more.

PR management

The main task of PR management is to introduce the world to Blue Jay. Getting on the news with our accomplishments and showing our drone to the general public. As PR manager you write the monthly newsletter that is read by over 700 people and partners, you think of creative Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts, and many other promotional stunts.

Financial and Account management

Management is also responsible for all incoming and outgoing money. As a financial manager you have the power to decide where our money goes to and have to administrate all income and expenses. The biggest income posts are our partners and sponsors. They provide us with knowledge, manpower, and money. As an account manager, you look for new partners and maintain existing partners. You visit companies, go to networking drinks and pitch the idea of Blue Jay to potential new partners.

HR and Project management

Of course, the whole team should work together efficiently. As an HR manager you improve cooperation, work efficiency, and overall performance of the team. Obviously good planning can make a major difference in efficiency, so this is where project management comes in. As project manager, you plan what the team is going to do this year and you make sure that everybody stays on track and reaches their deadlines.

Team management

Last but certainly not least, there is our team manager. As a team manager, you are the first contact person for everybody who is interested in Blue Jay. Furthermore, you plan, organize, lead and control the team. You have a lot of responsibilities and you should make everybody feel comfortable to do his or her job and should get the most out of everybody to achieve the highest possible.