Software & Artificial Intelligence

We, the new team of Blue Jay decided to combine software and artificial intelligence into one team. We believe that software and artificial intelligence have a lot in common and should not be treated as two separate teams. With this we strive for better communication and more coherence between software and Artificial Intelligence. However this does not mean you will have to work on both.

When you join the software team, you will be the mastermind of autonomy. You will implement localisation, pathplanning, obstacle detection and avoidance, all in the Robot Operating System (ROS). This way you make every drone fly fully autonomous.

The next step is to give the drone its own free will. Make Blue Jay able to make its own decisions, fully autonomous. Combined with autonomous flight, this will ensure the complete autonomous drone.

Besides autonomy, you will connect the drone to our application. This way the position and view of the drone can always be monitored, but it is also always possible to give commands to the drone.

The past years we have been working on making Blue Jay intelligent. We are improving Blue Jay as an assistant in indoor settings by several detection techniques. At AI we do a lot of research and collaborate with other companies and teams while working on the latest artificial intelligence innovations. The past year, we worked on fall detection and speech recognition. Using object detection while filtering out people, we can detect a person. Using their body vectors, the program can decide whether the person has fallen. We are also implementing a speech engine, which provides a way to interact with Blue Jay. This year,

In this team, we test a lot of new technologies and are in contact with a few AI companies to work together on something cool. Of course, there are a lot of challenges to face in this area. A lot of new innovations are arising and we want to implement them on Blue Jay. A recent example is vital signs detection. If Blue Jay could detect a person’s heart rate, emergency situations can be detected faster, and the right supplements can be provided. And there are a lot of other opportunities for Blue Jay to explore!

Currently, all vacancies have been filled. It will be possible to join Team 7 (2021-2022). If you are interested in this, please fill in the sign up form and specifically mention that you are interested in joining Team 7.