We collaborate with our lovely university to ensure the latest advancements in technology are used. Research groups and other student teams collaborate with Blue Jay to share idea's, testing equipment and office space.

Research groups:
Control Systems Technology


Neways helps us with the production of PCA's (Printed Circuit Assemblies) and courses to ensure the team is updated with the newest production and design methods. 

One of the most difficult challenges of flying indoor is indoor-navigation. Since GPS cannot be used indoor and is not fast and accurate enough, we use philips systems to accurately determine the position of the drone in a room.

Accenture has a very large network of investors, clients and partners. With their ability to connect dots between these parties, they contribute to the development of an ecosystem around drones.

Altium is a valuable partner for our electrical engineers. With their software Altium Designer, we can create custom PCB's. By integrating all the electronics on a single PCB, we can reduce the total weight of the drone which ensures modularity and a longer flight time. 

Dell is a loyal partner that helps us to deal with computing power. Together with Dell, we can ensure there is enough computing power both on the drone and off the drone to crunch the though algorithms that make sense of the world around the drone.

Simac delivers and maintains high quality systems to improve business processes of big and middle sized organizations throughout the Benelux. Their in-house specialized knowledge of digital communication systems is helping us to create a solid overhead logistical system in our Drone Café.



At Blue Jay, every two weeks a development new iteration is started, requiring quick and high quality prototyping. The Lay3rs 3d printer ensures we can keep the development pace high and try all kinds of concepts in a short amount of time.


At the TU/e Dream and Dare Drone Café, Blue Jay tells a story about robotics. What can we expect from them, what will they bring us and what choices do we have? This complex story is shaped together with the excellent team behind Cornelis Serveert. They contribute at every stap, from concept until realisation.


VanBerlo is your creative and strategic partner. Coming onboard with Van Berlo, you will join a wide variety of international players. They help Blue Jay with the interaction design and product aesthetics.



Mark Wachters ensures we are a legal entity in the Netherlands. They helped us at the very beginning by transforming our initiative into the foundation needed to fulfill our dreams.


Super Serieus Creative Studio is based in Antwerpen and helped us to create our viral Blue Jay video with more information about the World's First Drone Cafe: youtube link 


Würth Elektronik supports Blue Jay with the development of our custom PCBs. They provide us technical support on the content where needed. 

Avular is an promising startup focussing on enterprise applications of drones. These drones can help during inspection at dangerous places, for example in the chemical industry. Avular helps us with their knowledge on drones and collaborates with us to build a shared platform.


ACE has a long history in engineering in the brainport region. With their experience they are able to advise us what the next step for Blue Jay might be.