What are you doing this year?

Nederland, Eindhoven, 24 april 2016. 
Rector Magnificus Frank Baaijens in het Drone café. Hier bestel je een drankje bij een vliegende drone en het bezorgt het vervolgens bij je.  
Met de eerste prototypes van deze huisdrone, ontwikkeld door studententeam Blue Jay van de TU Eindhoven, is een drone café ingericht ivm het 60-jarig bestaan van de TU Eindhoven. 
De drone moet een huisrobot worden die je helpt maar ook beginnende branden zou kunnen detecteren en blussen. // 
In the drone cafe you order a drink with a flying drone and it brings you your drink. With the first prototypes of this domestic drone, developed by students'team Blue Jay of Eindhoven University of Technology, a bar is temporarily set up on campus for the university's 60th birthday. The drone will be further developed to be a house-robot that can help you but also detect and extinguish starting fires.

The new team starts has started this summer and they are working on new plans for the coming year. The goal is for you to decide! 

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3D Mapping of its environment will improve the drones ability to manouvre through unexplored territority.

Sophisticated control algorithms can make drones fly with millimeter accuracy. This is the most complex playground you will find for control.

What can you do at Blue Jay?

Unlike apps and websites that are limited to the virtual domain, drones can use their intelligence in our physical world. Imagine the possibilities!

When designing within a brand new category of technology, all options are still open. It’s a field where you can do pioneering work that sets an example.

New PCB’s will integrate much of the beating hart of Blue Jay into one print. This will make the drone lighter and smaller.

Since every gram has to be sent airborne, we want as few of them as possible.

Aerodynamics, the magic that makes the drone fly. More magic can be added to reduce noise and increase thrust.

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