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Blue Jay operates since September 2015, and currently consists of a team of 19 top students from different faculties across the Eindhoven University of Technology and Fontys University of Applied Sciences, both national and international. Our multi-disciplinary team is driven to show the potential of drones in indoor environments, in which they can really make a difference.

Diversity makes our team special and passion for technology is our common strength. We believe that fast progress in development is made when extremes meet. Leaps forward can only be found in out of the box combinations, crazy ideas, motivated people and a lot of hard work. As a student team, Blue Jay can make a difference because we have the opportunity to experiment with technologies by being able to develop without constraints to make a profit. Every penny goes directly into the development of cutting-edge technology and into giving our region an edge on robotics.

Our team consist of a very versatile group of students in which we work interdisciplinary on the same goals. Do you have what it takes to realise the dream of the first domestic drone?

We are currently looking for people to strengthen the team for 2017-2018, with skills and interest in organisation/management, interaction development, programming and others. Are you interested in joining the team, please send your email to If you would like to read more about joining Blue Jay, click here.



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